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Your Venison Never Tasted So Good!
Joshua Wilson
Hunting to Feed Hungry Children and Families. How it all began...
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Hunting For the Blessings
Rick Wilson
I challenge each of you to begin an experiment to test some of the concepts and teachings that most Americans believe about an endeavor as old as man’s existence—hunting—or whatever else you enjoy doing. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
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2005/2006 Campbell Outdoor Challenge
FHFH Staff
There is a growing outdoor sport that combines hunting with the skill of outdoors videography
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FHFH Attends National QDMA Convention
FHFH Staff
The FHFH staff attended the 2006 Quality Deer Management Association's (QDMA)Naitonal Convention in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
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Jessica's Speech In School
Jessica Alley
Imagine this: you are driving along at night in a poorly lit suburb. All at once, a deer jumps out from a group of trees. You slam on your brakes, but it is too late.
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Lance Johnson Restaurant Story
Lance Johnson
He looked at me and said "I know an honest face when I see one" and then proceeded to dig into his pocket for something.
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Mark Saicheck Newspaper Article
Lynelle Miller of Herald Bulletin
When Hurricanes Rita and Katrina hit, Saicheck, a letter carrier in Alexandria, wanted desperately to give his time to help, but found it impossible. "I felt I needed to do something," he said.
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Matt Baldwin Letter to President Bush
Matt Baldwin
Dear Mr. President Bush...
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Mike Malley's - Help From Above
Mike Malley
As I stared at the sun glistening on the snow cradled in the crotch of a tree in front of me, I pleaded, "Lord I know I've been hunting this buck too hard."
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Why Use Wild Game
Tim Godbee
The use of wild game that is professionally processed by a licensed and inspected facility has become widely recognized as a benefit, not only to those who are less fortunate, but as a benefit to tax payers as well.
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